We - the chilcotinflyers - experience the largeness and the fascination of the West Chilcotin and the Coastal Mountains from close! Either by hiking, by horse, by canoe or by bush plane. We share our passion to nature and wilderness and take responsability for its conservation for future generations.

Our homes

Our BC area of operation

Our home base/winter head quarter, Chilliwack Airpark

Chilliwack is located in the beautiful Fraser Valley of British Columbia, about a 1 hour drive to the east of Vancouver. Next to several maintenance facilities, Chilliwack Airport offers a pristine setting and great infrastructure! Under "links you can find more Informationen about Chilliwack Airport.

Our hangar facility is well equipped with living quarters, office and presentation area. Heating guarantees year round amenities!

Our summer camp at Terra Nostra Guest Ranch

Our summer base is nicely based directly on the eastern foothills of the Coast Mountains. It takes just 10 minutes flying time to arrive on our first "landing sites" in pristine alpine meadows!

Our airstrip is ready to cater the ZlinAero Schock Cub. There are plans to extend the airstrip to 1200 ft. This might happen in the coming year.

More information about the guest ranch can be found here

Our airplanes

Zlin Aero Shock Cub

Our Zlinaero "Shock Cub" arrives in spring 2019. The plane belongs to the category LSA (Light Sport Aircraft). Its outstanding performance (Rotax 914is, 120hp Turbo engine) allows short take offs and landings on 100 ft long strips, even at 6000 ft elevation.

The Shock Cub is available for our mebers. It allows great training on "Alaska bush wheels" in an exceptional nature of the West Chilcotin. After an extensive training, the plane eventually may be used for solo flights.

More information about the "Shock Cub" can be found under www.zlinaero.com . The Chilcotinflyers and Zlin Bushplanes Canada Inc. own exclusive dealership for all Zlinaero products for Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon and Northwest Territories).

Lake LA-4 Buccaneer

The Turbo – Lake Buccaneer is an ideal airplane for pilots who wish to fly something special on dual control. Eddy is a very proficient bush pilot and outdoor guide who would like to show you special procedures and possibilities of an amphibious flying boat, combined with a true wilderness experience.

With prior arrangement, the airplane is available for flights on dual control for every pilot member of Chilcotinflyers

Cessna 206 Turbo/350

Our Cessna 206 Amphib is the “workhorse” in our club. Its a special conversion and is equipped with a Lycoming 350 hp turbo engine, which allows lake operation up to 6'000ft elevation.  Many Coast mountain lakes are located in pristine settings at high elevations. They are closed for most seaplanes because of performance restrictions.

With prior arrangement, the airplane is available for flights on dual control for every pilot member of theChilcotinflyers.

Board of Directors

Silvia Müller

Like all directors, Silvia loves nature, wildlife and the vastness of  the West Chilcotin. She has traveled throughout Canada and met many great people. Silvia is a fun    companion and she is looking forward to many coming adventures in British Columbia!

Hansruedi Aeschbach

Hansruedi is a Canada Professional with heart and soul! He knows almost every corner! There are not many places in the country he has not been in! Hansruedi and Alex experienced many adventures in British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska by Bush plane.

Ed Desrochers

Eddy is an Outdoorsman by heart. Whether he is fly fishing, mushroom picking or guiding a hiking group in a remote  mountain location, Eddy is the one to be with! During his countless flights in his Turbo Lake Buccaneer, he visited many parts of Canada, particularly the West Chilcotin.

Christoph Gisler

Christoph and his wife Corinne are the owners and operators of Terra Nostra Guest Ranch. Their ownership and management have brought the Guest Ranch to the next level. Terra Nostra Guest Ranch is a gem in the West Chilcotin of British Columbia.

Alex Landolt

Alex opened a “wilderness airline” in the Yukon Territory  of Canada, in the nineties. He owned and piloted Bush and Sea planes of all types in the 10 years of operation. “Alex loves to Fly”. He is looking forward, with enthusiasm, to pass on his experience to others.  


The Chilcotin Flyers Association is a British Columbia registerd non-profit organization. Being member in the association allows you to experience the West Chilcotin and the Coastal Mountains with like-minded people.

  • People joining our activities are automatically registered as active members. Member fee is included in the costs
  • For persons wishing to be passive members, the member fee is CN$ 30.-
  • Membership is valid until end of the year and will not automatically renewed
  • Bylaws of Chilcotin Flyers Association are in accordance with the law of British Columbia
  • Please use the form of this page for signing membership. Please complete it with your full name, address and email-address. Thank you!


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